Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happy Birthday....

...Mariluz! We were invited over to her little party last week. If you remember, her house is the one we visited a couple months ago; Betty is her mother. Please keep them in your prayers. Betty is a single mother, as her husband left her and she is raising two daughters. we were enjoying their little fiesta, I noticed a skull perched on the top of their shelf in the corner. Turns out, it is a real human skull which a friend found and gave Betty. The people here are very superstitious and deal with witchcraft alot. Betty is a Christian and even comes to church when she can, but she said the skull protects her house. Mariluz added, "And it can talk too!" It's scary, they are so caught up in their ancient beliefs and blinded by them. Please pray for them and their neighbors and the people of Cusco!


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