Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's a hard knock life

Working in the orphanage is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Not only is it physically tiring, it is mentally draining and spiritually exhausting. It is hard to comprehend the fact that these darling children aren't here for a few hours at daycare. This is their home.

It breaks my heart.





All of little ones are precious, and I love them. But Isabel is my special star. Her eyes sparkle with intelligence and she continually follows me around. She hangs on to me so tightly...she just wants to be held. Mom, I'm convinced we will have to adopt her. Is that okay?

Saturday, May 26, 2007


I actually don't know why he looked so terrified; he begged me to take his picture.

I should know her name...but...I don't.

It was laundry day yesterday.

Michelle and I at the open air market....That girl looks rather.... apprehensive.

I also should know her name, but I don't.

I'm sorry, but I still can't get over the sunsets here. They are too breathtaking. Those clouds were the only ones in the sky....just floating there...all by themselves.

Usually all the rooftops have crosses or some sort of superstitious/religious emblems to protect their households.


Michelle, another intern staying for two months, is here. It is awesome having someone else to share this experience with! She is such a blessing to me.

We had the opportunity today, after breakfast and after we cleaned the house, of going to the Saturday open air market. It was quaint, hot and fun. They were selling everything from necklaces and alpaca ponchos, to roasted whole ginuea pigs and alpaca meat and whole pigs...with their heads....just sitting nonchalantly on a plate, staring at

Not that I've ever tried any of it though...or....ever....will.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Yesterday, we were invited over to the home of one of the girls who attends the children´s class. We walked there after the class was over...they are a very sweet family, and actually came to church this morning!

They have two rooms...a front room that I am standing in, which has a stove and a few chairs...and then this, which is the bedroom. The floors are dirt. It was actually nearly completely dark inside, they only had a small lightbulb behind me hanging from the ceiling...and it was only the afternoon still.

This is the outdoor area, the bathroom, laundry, and where they keep their guinea pigs to eat or sell.

Gabriel, two of the young girls...around 10 or 12 years old, brought him to the class. Imagine this...he was even more adorable and kissable in real life. Ah!!

Betty, Esther and baby Nicole...whose home we visited.

And yes...clouds. Just as I promised. But, these arent the rained yesterday and has decided upon being obstinate...but as soon as the weather clears, Ill take more.

BEAUTIFUL sunsets.

Ah yes, my Spanish.

Well...its coming along. I can say what is your name? and what age are you? and good!everything´s good....bein! bein! The children tried to tell me about their pictures they were coloring, so I smiled and said bein! bein! Apparently, they were asking for more glue....and crayons. They think Im funny...and giggle a lot. Which frustrates me, because I am doing very well with my Spanish...obviously they dont know that....Obviously they dont know that I even know what avacado is and what to say when someone sneezes and I know what ´because´ is....which is very useful. It is however, very embarrassing when you are asked a question, and all you have ringing in your head is the word... advacado.

Where are you from, señorita?


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

San Marcos...and three of the adorable boys
Right past the yellow building is the room for the children
The view from the doorway of the childrens room in San Marcos
The playground at San Marcos
Lupe and I...darling, eh? I just a little tired! She didnt quite get the concept of smiling and looking at the camera.Do you see the mama sitting outside?
Now you know where I sleep, Amber.
Lupe and Alvaro
Shopping in lovely stores that sell used clothing from the US.

We were able to visit the orphanage yesterday...I will be working there Tuesdays and Thursdays. It was a beautiful place, with an enclosed garden-play area...I was overwhelmed as I remembered Amy Carmichael and her selfless life saving the children of India. The children and babies were more than adorable. One thing that I find funny is that they all look so similiar because of their hair color and dark eyes. When ones expecting I doubt they wonder ¨what is he/she going to look like?¨ But rather...¨is it going to be a boy or a girl?¨
On Saturdays we go to San Marcos to teach the children who attend the Bible class that Ricky and Tracie started. There are over 80 kids in one tiny room. Yet, even though I find myself in this vastly different culture....the children are somewhat the same. Kids will be kids, as the saying goes. Their attitudes, unquenchable activity and silliness transcend culture. I love it. On Wednesday night is the adults prayer meeting and on Friday is the adult Bible study in San Marcos, and on Sunday the church meets in our home.

I have to tell you about the clouds here! Because of the altitude and perfect clearness, the clouds are absolutely otherworldly! They are magnificent and colossal, beautiful and so white. Ill have to focus on taking some pictures of them this week. Ive never been so awed by clouds before.

hehe...and Ive never been so awed of the Creator.

Monday, May 14, 2007

I am trying to get Picasa to work, so that I can show more than four pictures! Hopefully I'll have it during this week. The internet connection is quite slow, and my google account is giving me unexplainable problems...but I'll get it worked out.

We walked to the Plaza today. It was beautiful outside, quite warm...[and yes mom, I wore sunscreen.] It was so awesome being able to walk everywhere! We went to a market...stopped at a small bakery and ate an espanada and sat in the Plaza for a while. Monday is our 'day off' since Saturday and Sundays are busy with the children and church. Its absolute madness on the streets! I knew that they drove loco here, but experiencing it first hand is a different story. I nearly got run over when my flip flop came off in the middle of an intersection! haha...We were expecting to get a taxi ride on the way home, with the food we bought at the market, but it must have been during their lunch break because the usual number of taxis were very much we walked home. I feel so touristy and feel like I stick out so much....I am so gringo!

Thank you for the comments! I read them's encouraging.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

[Sorry the pictures are out of order.]

Trying to sleep in Lima

My $5.00 bottle of water

Looking out my bedroom window

I. am. here.

[wow] I have already experienced some of [the] most exciting [and irregular] events in these past two days that I could spend a whole day telling of...and I've just got here.

My flights were fine...but the whole travelling deal and staying in Lima completely exhuasted me. I am typing in a kind of haze...I feel like I've been here since last week...and since it gets dark here around 5.30pm-6pm, I am dealing with this weird sensation that they only have half days...and it was rather stormy today- but absolutely BEAUTIFUL when I flew in. I have NEVER in my life seen something so breathtakingly amazing from a plane before...Mt. Hood is relatively nothing compared to these ancient, snow white shrouded monarchs so delicately laced in clouds. I love it here.

I need to go to bed...I can't function. Goodnight!
Thank you all so much for your prayers!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

By: Ethan and Emma Joy

I leave at 3:30am to catch my flight at 6am! Please keep me in your prayers tomorrow and Saturday when I finally arrive in Cusco.

I love you all!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


For those of you who have asked for my Cusco address--I would be delighted if you sent me letters keeping me updated on how you are doing! Please!

My address is:

Holly Smith
c/o: Ricardo y Tracie Olivares
Pasaje Zavaleta C-4
Wanchaq, Cusco Peru

Also, please do not use UPS. Tracie said that there will be a charge when the package arrives, and that they charge a lot. Also, UPS doesn't have an office in Cusco, which means your package probably will be held up in customs in Lima- sometimes for several weeks. The best way is to go through regular US Mail. The packages/letters arrive within 7-10 days.


I adore dark chocolate.